Day 1 of Courtney’s 10 day challenge

Last week I was watching kyleandcourt on youtube

She wants to lose weight and wanted some support, so she decided to organize a 10 day challenge, and I thought I would join!

A few days later she posted this video:

Starting weight: 62 kg


  1. Start exercising again
  2. Stop drinking Coca Cola
  3. Stop eating late at night


So this is my first day:

7:00 Woke up

8:00 Had a big glass of water.

8:15 walked to my daughters school and back (1.4 km)

8:45 cycled to the grocery store and back (2.45 km)

9:30 Breakfast: Dark  bread with cottage cheese and 1/2 banana 2 tangerines big cup of green tea

11:00 11 min 2 Wii fit plus routines Lifestyle – Shoulders and back and Health – Tummy

11:15 Prepared lunch for me and my daughter.

11:40 Cycled to my daughters school to pick her up for lunch (1.4 km)

12:00 Had lunch with my daughter. Salad with green beans, chicken, cucumber, tomatoes and cottage cheese.


12:40 Back to school by bike (1.4 km)

14:00 13 minutes Wii fit plus routines, Form – Hips & behind, Youth – Posture

15:00 Walked to the school to pick up my daughter. Took a walk on the way home (2,4 km)

Between 14:00 and 18:00 I really struggled with cravings for a Coca Cola. So around 17:00 I had a small piece of cheese and an apple.

18:00 Dinner: Pasta with ham sauce and some salad.


During the day I drank 6 big cups of Green tea with açaí.

The rest of the day I didn’t eat anything and didn’t exercise anymore.

 I hope everyone had a good Day 1

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