Day 3

2:30-3:45 woke up during the night and had a panic attack. Had a hard time going back to sleep.

7:00 Woke up

8:20 Cycled to my daughter’s school to drop her off (1.4 km)

9:50 Breakfast: 2 cheese sandwiches with cucumber, orange juice and a big cup of white tea.

12:10 Cycled to may daughter’s school to pick up my daughter and bring her to her ballet lesson. (6 km) My bike felt like I was cycling with my brakes on, so I guess I burned a lot of calories. When we got to the ballet lesson I gave my daughter her lunch.

During the lesson I had lunch with my husband. I had a sandwich with ham, cheese, egg, tomato, cucumber and salad. (sorry no picture)

After my daughter’s lesson my husband gave us a lift back home so I missed out on the exercise. Today was less active than most Wednesdays.

18:00 Dinner: Asparagus soup with bacon and one slice of bread.

20:00 My husband is working tonight so I decided to pig out in front of the TV. I had a small bag of Tyrrell’s hand cooked vegetable chips 40 g bag. Not as nice as I expected and not very satisfying.

I drank a lot of water today and I had 4 cups of tea. No Coca Cola for 3 days!

I’ll try to go to bed early today and hopefully I wont wake up before morning.

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