Day 4

7:00 Woke up

7:50 Breakfast: Yoghurt, banana, cinnamon and corn flakes.

8:25 Walked to my daughter’s school where I helped out for an hour. (0.7 km)

9:40 Walked home again. (0.7 km)

10:00 Had an apple.

10:10 Tried to get my exercise on my Wii fit board only to find out that it was out of battery and we didn’t have any new ones at home.

11:35 Walked to the school to pick up my daughter for lunch. (1.4 km)

12:20 Had lunch with my husband and daughter. Pasta with tuna sauce and broccoli.

We dropped my daughter off at school by car because we were running some errands.

14:50 More fruit

After picking up my daughter I had a one hour nap.

18:00 Dinner: Grilled cheese sandwish with chorizo and tomato.

No exercise today! I guess I’m having a rest day. I have been feeling tired and cold all day. Tonight I will go to bed early. Last night I ended up going to bed at 1.

I hope you all had a better day 4.

I’ll be more active tomorrow, my husband fixed my bike and I bought new batteries for our Wii fit board.

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