Day 5

Half way there!

 7:30 woke up

8:00 Breakfast: Oatmeal with banana, cinnamon and milk, with a big cup of tea.

8:25 Cycled to school to drop my daughter off. (1.4 km)

10:00 Wii Fit 16 min.

11:35 Cycled to school to pick up my daughter. (1.4 km)

12:15 Lunch with my husband and daughter: Salad with black beans, red onion, artichoke, tomatoes, smoked chicken, mozzarella and lettuce.

Had a therapy session today, so I was exhausted by the time I came home.

18:30 My husband and daughter came home after buying dinner: Miso soup, edamamme and sushi.

So far I haven’t been very active, but I think I am doing a good job at eating healthy.

I will try to be more active the coming 5 days!

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