Day 6

7:16 My daughter woke me telling me that her sleeping bag was open. She was camping in her Disney princess tent in her bedroom. So I tucked her in and when she called me again 10 minutes later my husband got up so I went back to sleep.

10:00 Woke up, did some laundry.

11:00 Breakfast: Yoghurt, banana and crunchy muesli.


14:30 Lunch at McDonald’s, on our way to Lelystad to buy new boots for my daughter and a winter jacket for my husband. Caesar salad with grilled chicken and a bottle of water.

16:00 Had about 10 pieces of candy when we were shopping.

16:40 We took a break, so I had a cappuccino. I almost never drink coffee because it makes me hyper.

19:15 Dinner:Whole wheat fajita with chicken, cheese, tomatoes, home-made guacamole, corn, lettuce,  salsa and sour cream.


No exercise today.

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