Day 7

2:00 Went to sleep. The coffee yesterday afternoon kept me awake.

6:46 My daughter came crawled into bed with me.

7:15 My husband decided to get up and took our daughter with him, so I went back to sleep.

10:00 Woke up and did some laundry.

12:00 Breakfast/lunch: 2 slices of bread with guacamole and smoked chicken. And a glass of orange juice. 

15:00 Had a banana as snack.

16:00 Went to a friend’s house and DID NOT have any of the apple pie that she had made. Had 2 cups of tea instead.

18:30 Dinner: We came home too late to cook dinner so we just warmed some ready-made Pea soup from Unox. I had a slice of bread with the soup and a glass of water.

19:30 After putting my daughter in bed I spent 21 minutes on the Wii fit board.

20:00 Watched “So you think you can dance” and snacked on some vegetables.

So far I have had NO Coca cola or any other fizzy drinks. I drink tea or water between meals. I try to choose healthy snacks.

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