Day 9

Good news! Although I haven’t lost any weight I had to make a new hole in my belt, so I am getting thinner!

7:00 Woke up

8:20 Cycled to school to drop my daughter off. (1.4 km)

9:25 I discovered that I forgot to put my daughter’s drink in her schoolbag so I got on my bike and cycled to school to drop it off. (1.4 km)

9:45 Breakfast: Yoghurt with sliced banana and corn flakes.

11:35 Cycled to school and back. (1.7 km) Forgot my daughter’s helmet so I had to go back home.

12:20 Lunch with my daughter: Salad with tomatoes, cucumber, tuna and feta cheese.

12:45 Cycled to school and back (1.4 km)

15:05 Walked to school to pick up my daughter. At the end of the day I usually bring her bike so she can cycle home. It was cold and windy today so we went straight home. (1.4 km)

16:00 Shared an apple with my daughter. We just started buying organic apples and they are great!

18:15 Dinner: Leftovers from yesterday!

Drinks: Orange juice, lot’s of water and tea!

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