Conclusion – Courtney’s 10 day challenge

On day 1 my goals were:

  1. Start exercising again
  2. Stop drinking Coca Cola
  3. Stop eating late at night

So,  how did it go?

  1. I could have exercised more, longer or at least everyday if I only did 30 min. Only managed to exercise more 3 days. Not very good.
  2. No Coca Cola or any other fizzy drinks!! ! 100% success. Maybe sounds easy, but I really crave almost every day. It’s what I crave for comfort.
  3. Only had something after dinner twice, when my husband was working night and one of the other nights, but I kept it to a minimum, so 80% success.

And what happened to my weight?

My starting weight was 62 kg and this morning I was 61,5 kg.

The chart shows all 10 days:

I will be challenging myself again.

My longterm goal is to have a BMI of 22 (57 kg).

I enjoyed watching everyone’s videos!

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