Day 9 – Watching the ducks and seagulls

7:00 Woke up after 6,5 hours sleep.

8:00 Had two big glasses of water.

8:05 Walked with my daughter to school. 1,4 km

9:05 Breakfast: I ran out of yoghurt, so I had a half bowl of yoghurt with corn flakes, one Swedish crispbread with liver pate and a tangerine.

After breakfast I did some laundry and worked.

12:00 Walked to school to pick up my daughter for lunch (1,4 km), but she wanted to eat at a friend’s place, so I walked home alone.

12:20 Lunch: Frittata with artichoke hearts, served with ham and  cherry tomatoes.


14:00 Early afternoon snack: Nacho chips with salsa. I guess I was bored because my daughter didn’t come home for lunch…

More laundry and work.

15:05 Went to pick up my daughter, on the way home we stopped at a bridge to watch ducks and seagulls walking on ice. (1,4 km) They thought we had bread and chatted with us almost the whole time.

18:50 Dinner: Salmon with a creamy sauce with green tagliatelle, cucumber, tomato and vinaigrette.

Today I drank a lot of tea and water. Still didn’t exercise…..

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