Day 10 – Conclusion challenge 2

7:00 Woke up after 8 hours sleep.

8:00 Had an apple and a glass of water.

8:15 Me and my husband took our daughter to school by car, because we had a meeting in the city.

11:00 Breakfast: 3 Swedish crispbreads with liver pate and cherry tomatoes.

11:30 Drove back to school to pick up my daughter, but she wanted to play with a friend, so instead me and my husband did the groceries.

13:20 Made lunch for me and my husband: Frittata with zucchini and olives.

15:00 Picked up my daughter by bike (2,3 km)

17:30 Berry, a friend of my husband came over for dinner. So first we had a gingerbread cookie.

19:00 Dinner: Lasagna. Forgot to take a picture before dinner…

Today I had a lot of water and 2 cups of tea.

So, how did this challenge go? Let’s look at my goals!

  1. Start exercising again. – FAIL!
  2. Stop eating late at night.  – Only ONCE!! Success!
  3. Go to bed on time to achieve 8 hours sleep. – I struggle with this one, so I will keep it as a goal.
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