Last day of the substitute teacher at my daughter’s school

7:00 Woke up after 6 hours of sleep.

8:00 Had a big glass of water.

8:15 Walked with my daughter to school. (1,4 km)

9:40 Breakfast: Yoghurt, banana, cinnamon and corn flakes with a cup of white tea.

11:30 Cycled to school to bring my daughter home for lunch. (1,4 km)

12:00 My daughter’s substitute teacher had her last day today so during the lunch we were busy with a little gift and card, so I had my lunch a bit later.

This is the card that my daughter decorated:

My daughter is crazy about unicorns with wings.

This is the front of the card:

The card is designed by a friend of mine, Sandra, you should check her out on Flickr.

12:45 Cycled back to school with my daughter. (1,4 km)

13:30 Lunch: Pasta with a sauce made from tuna, red onion, capers, quark and creme fraiche. Topped with some Alfalfa sprouts and Sango sprouts.

15:00 Walked to school to bring my daughter home. (1,4 km)

18:00 My husband’s twin brother came by for dinner. We had pasta with a tomato sauce made from fresh tomatoes, sun-dried tomatoes, garlic, oregano and basil. Topped with sunflower seeds and parmesan cheese. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture.

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