Our cat went to school

7:00 Woke up after 7 hours of sleep.

8:00 Had a big glass of water, while my daughter had breakfast.

8:15 Walked to school with my daughter. (1,4 km)

9:00 Breakfast: Yoghurt, banana, cinnamon and corn flakes with a cup of white tea.

11:30 Cycled to school to bring my daughter home for lunch. (1,4 km)

12:00 My daughter decided to make a picture of her lunch today:

She had: A tortilla with creme fraiche, cucumber and parmesan cheese.

12:45 Walked with my daughter and our cat to school.

When we came to school we had a show and tell session about our cat. He was a bit nervous at first, but then it was time to pet him and he enjoyed all the attention from all the kids.

13:30 Walked home with our cat.

14:00 Had a very late lunch: tomatoes, mozzarella, black olives, ham and spinach with garlic, topped with pine nuts.

15:10 Cycled to school to bring my daughter home. (1,4 km) 

A friend and her daughter (my daughter’s best friend) joined us and we had some tea.

18:20 Dinner: beetroot, zucchini and eggplant roasted in the oven, with fish sticks (also prepared in the oven) and a sauce made from quark, creme fraiche and dill. Served with some Alfalfa sprouts and Sango sprouts.

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