Picnic in the front garden

7:00 Woke up after 6 hours of sleep feeling like a flu is creeping up on me.

7:50 Had a glass of orange juice and made breakfast for my daughter.

8:15 Walked to my daughter’s school. (1.4 km)

9:10 Breakfast: Yoghurt, banana, cinnamon and corn flakes.

11:30 Because I didn’t feel 100% today I decided to call a friend whose daughter goes to ballet with my daughter to ask if they could pick us up on their way to the lesson. Prepared some sandwiches for me and my daughter.

12:00 Walked to my daughter’s school to bring her home for some lunch before going to her ballet lesson. (1.4 km)

12:30 Lunch: Had a picnic in the front garden while we waited for our ride to come and pick us up. I had a sandwich with cheese and cucumber and one with salami and cucumber.

13:30 Me and my friend went for some tea while the girls had their lesson.

After the ballet lesson we went back to our place so the girls could play for a while.

15:10 The girls decided to watch Dumbo, so I made some popcorn.

16:00 The popcorn made me want more, so I had two mandarins instead.

16:10 Had some tea while the girls watched the movie.

18:10 Dinner: Tomato soup and bread.

19:30 Once my daughter went to bed me and my husband had some more tea.

Thruout the day I also had at least three glasses of water.

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