Dinner and a movie – for the first time in years!

7:10 Woke up after 6,5 hours of sleep. Today my daughter had a day off from school so we took our time this morning. We also spent some time packing an overnight bag for my daughter.

9:10 Breakfast with my daughter. Yoghurt, banana, cinnamon and corn flakes with a glass of apple juice.

9:40 Cycled to the train station (2.58 km) and took a train to where my parents in law live. When we got there my mother in law was waiting for us. We walked to their house and after a cup of tea I left. I took the train back to where I live and ran some errands and talked on the phone with two of my friends.

12:40 Cycled home (2.59 km).

13:40 Lunch: Smoked chicken breast, avocado, black beans and sun-dried tomatoes with a lime and quark sauce.

 17:00 I walked to the train (2,58 km) and took a train to the airport where my husband picked me up by car. We drove to Amsterdam for dinner and a movie, this was the first time in two years that we did a dinner and a movie. Usually we do one or the other when we go on dates.

19:20 Dinner at a steak house in Amsterdam. I had fillet of beef with a baked potato and a side salad. For dessert we shared a fruit filled honeydew melon with coconut ice cream and whipped cream.

After dinner we went to see “the Tourist”. I liked the movie, Johnny Depp was a bit chubby, but I still thought he looked attractive. Angelina Jolie looked a bit old and very hungry, like she has been starving for years to keep that thin body.

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