Tulips for a friend

7:00 Woke up after 7 hours of sleep.

8:00 My daughter was very sleepy and a bit uncooperative this morning, so we were running a bit late. I decided to have breakfast later, so I had a large glass of pink grapefruit juice.

8:20 Took my daughter to school by bike, then I continued into town by bike. Today it was colder than yesterday. (4,8 km)

9:00 Went to a friend for tea. Brought her some multicolored tulips as a way to congratulate her and her husband on the pregnancy of their third child. After the tea I ran some errands.

9:55 Stopped at Hema for some breakfast: French bread with butter, arugula and ham. Also had a little bottle of orange juice.

10:05 Cycled to the grocery store in my neighbourhood. When I got home I started preparing lunch. (4,8 km)

11:35 Cycled to school to bring my daughter home for lunch. We walked home. (1,4 km)

12:10 Lunch: Homemade chicken soup: Chicken, onion, chicken stock, zucchini, broccoli, chickpeas and orange juice.

12:50 Cycled back to school. When I got home I worked the whole afternoon. (1,4 km)

15:05 Cycled to school to pick up my daughter. The sun finally broke through so we walked home and stopped at two playgrounds on the way home.

18:20 Dinner: Hamburgers with a sweet potato and tomato mash served with black olives.

After dinner me and my husband had some tea.

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