Mother and daughter bike ride in the sun

7:15 Woke up after 6,5 hours of sleep. Slept bad last night, my husband has a cough. My daughter had a day off from school, so we had relaxed morning.

8:35 Breakfast: Yoghurt, banana, corn flakes and a cup of green tea.

After breakfast we did some laundry and my daughter kept me company at the attic.

12:25 Lunch: Homemade hamburgers with feta cheese served with a mixed green leaf salad, kidney beans, sliced almonds and a paprika powder and garlic sauce.

After lunch we watched Bee Movie. When the movie was over we went outside for a bike ride. We stopped at two playgrounds.

17:45 My brother-in-law came by for his weekly visit.

18:25 Dinner: Homemade lasagna: Red onion, yellow onions, olive oil, minced meat, chestnut mushrooms, paprika powder, tomato puree, Italian herbs, water, salt & pepper, cottage cheese, water and thyme, lasagna verde and shredded cheese. Served with a salad: mixed green leaf salad, corn, carrot and celery.

After dinner we all had tea and watched CSI.

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2 Responses to Mother and daughter bike ride in the sun

  1. WOW — what a feast. If I managed to put even one of those meals together in a week it’d be a miracle. And you made three in one day? Amazing. They look delicious. And I really love how your posts are so simple, but give such an insight into your day. You hit the highlights, and your pictures are beautiful. Whenever I need to calm down, I just come read your writing. Thank you so much for sharing.

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