Walking home together

7:00 Woke up after 6,5 hours of sleep. Both me and my daughter were sleepy and slow. I got her ready for school, gave her breakfast, packed a snack for school (mango cut in smaller pieces).

8:20 Cycled to school with my daughter. (1,4 km)

8:50 Breakfast: Yoghurt, banana, cinnamon, corn flakes and a cup of green tea.

11:35 Took my bike back to school to bring my daughter home for lunch. (1,4 km)

12:20 Lunch: Bulgur, mushroom, cucumber, apple, coriander, olive oil, vinegar, salami.


12:45 Cycled back to school with my daughter. When I got home I cleaned and did laundry. Today my daughter went home to her best friend after school.

14:55 Snack: Banana and mandarins.

16:45 Cycled to my daughter’s best friend to bring her home. They were playing outside on the playground and she was not happy to see me. I gave her ten minutes to get used to the idea that we were leaving. When we left she asked me if we could walk instead of cycling, so we walked home. The weather was nice today.

18:40 Dinner: Multicolored pasta with a tomato sauce and salmon, topped with parmesan cheese.


After dinner we had some tea.

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