Stylish Blogger Award

Stylish Blogger Award

First of all I would like to thank happykidshappymom for passing this on to me. Thank you! This really took me by surprise.

This award comes with some questions that I need to answer:

1. How long have you been in your current relationship, and how many children do you have?
Me and my husband started dating 6 years ago and we have a daughter.

2. What is one thing most people don’t know about you?
I used to be really really shy when I was growing up.

3. What are your greatest fears?

4. What is your favorite food?

5. What is your most rewarding memory?
The birth of my daughter.

6. At which store could you spend an entire day by yourself?
I LOVE bookstores.

7. What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done?
Initiation at University.

8. What’s the worst job you’ve ever had?
I have been lucky when it comes to jobs.

9. What’s the worst thing you’ve ever worn?
Must have been something I wore during the 80’s.

10. What’s your favorite guilty pleasure?
Mars planets.

The final part of the Stylish Blogger Award: Name 5 to 15 friends whose blogs you admire, and to whom you’d like to pass on this Award.

101 cookbooks
(mostly) yummy mummy..
365 lessons lived for my daughter
Even & Demi’s Blog
Go Team Hale
My Pajama Days
Play 101
The Lunchbox Diaries
THE WORLD: Through Mom-Colored Glasses
doah’s hungry

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3 Responses to Stylish Blogger Award

  1. doahshungry says:

    thank you!! too sweet 🙂

  2. Summer Embee says:

    Thanks for the award! So nice when you find out other people are reading and enjoying your stuff. And now I have a new list of other bloggers to try out!

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