My daughter performed on stage at school

6:30 Woke up after 6 hours of sleep because I went to bed too late last night and because my daughter woke up early.

7:00 Got up and started getting my daughter ready for school. Because I was extra tired everything went really slow so I decided to have breakfast after dropping her off.

8:20 Cycled to school with my daughter. Read that they were having a performance today at 10 for the parents to watch (I had forgotten…). So I hurried home. (1,4 km)

8:50 Breakfast: Yoghurt, banana, cinnamon, corn flakes and a cup of green tea. (No picture, they were all blurry.)

9:45 Cycled back to school to watch (and tape) the performance. I always tear up when I see her on stage.

10:30 Cycled from school to the grocery store. And then home.

11:35 Cycled back to school to bring my daughter home for lunch.

12:30 Lunch: Pasta salad with crayfish. Pasta, red onion, green beans mixed with creme fraiche and dill, on a bed of salad, topped with crayfish. (All my pictures were blurry.)

12:50 Cycled back to school. When I got home I  changed some settings on my camera and experimented a bit, until my pictures were sharp again.

15:00 Walked to school with my daughter’s bike, we have one that she can practise riding without her supporting wheels.

On the way home we stopped to feed the ducks, we also stayed to play at one of the playgrounds.

17:40 Dinner: Tilapia and coriander in the oven, coriander sauce, and a mix of  lentils, apple (Pink Lady) and Manchego cheese.


 After dinner me and my husband had tea.

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2 Responses to My daughter performed on stage at school

  1. Lois Quigley says:

    I read all your posts. You are an excellant writter and can bring out your true feelings make others aware to feel the same experiences. Thanks!

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