Cancelled physiotherapy appointment

6:40 Woke up after 7 hours of sleep.

7:50 Breakfast: Swedish crispbread with cranberry liver pate and an orange.

8:20 Cycled to school with my daughter to drop her off, then I cycled to the grocery store for some groceries.

11:35 Cycled to school to bring my daughter home for lunch.

12:10 Lunch: Roast beef with a salad: arugula, bulgur, red onion, avocado, apple (Pink Lady), olive oil and vinegar.

During lunch my daughter spilled her drink all over herself, so we had to change all of her clothes.

12:55 Cycled back to school and after I dropped her off I cycled to my physiotherapy appointment. When I got there I was early, so I decided to check the messages on my cell phone only to find out that my appointment was cancelled, so I cycled home.

15:05 Cycled to school to pick up my daughter, but again we ended up going home with my daughter’s best friend. So me and the mother had some green tea while the girls played.

17:00 My husband came by on his way home so I raced him home. Him in the car and me and my daughter on my bike. We won! 🙂

18:20 Dinner: Hamburgers with red rice and an avocado and grape salad with a yoghurt and lime sauce.

After dinner me and my husband had some tea.

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2 Responses to Cancelled physiotherapy appointment

  1. You beat your husband home? Him in a car and you on a bike? I love it!! Mom power!

    I’ve never had a Pink Lady apple. What do they taste like?

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