Snack, snack, snack

9:15 Woke up after 9 hours of sleep. My daughter’s fever was gone.

10:00 Breakfast: Swedish crispbread with cranberry liver pate and tomato with a cup of tea.

10:15 Snack: Smoothie: Frozen mango, banana and grapes.

12:25 We were out looking at bathrooms and we needed to give our daughter some lunch before her swimming lesson, so we stopped at a McDonald’s and ordered wraps for all of us. I had a Tomato, cheese and chicken wrap with a bottle of water.

14:15 Lunch: During our daughter’s swimming lesson, me and my husband had some lunch. I ordered a chevre salad and a cup of tea.

18:10 Dinner: Boiled salmon, a sweet potato mash with lime juice and creme fraiche, and red cabbage. 


20:00 Snack: a sandwich with melted cheese. (sorry no picture)

After dinner me and my husband had some tea.

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3 Responses to Snack, snack, snack

  1. Wow this makes me really hungry and not the slightest bit guilty. I’m not really a smoothie guy (I’d swear it under oath:) but this particular smoothie looks wonderful.

  2. gmomj says:

    Wow. I need to make a smoothie like that. A meal min a drink. I could toatally get into that. Thanks for the great ideas!

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