Birthday celebration part 1

8:15 Woke up after 7,5 hours of sleep. Today we were celebrating my upcoming birthday with family so we all started cleaning as soon as we got up.

9:44 Breakfast: Salami and cheese sandwiches with cucumber. A cup of green tea and red-orange juice.

Continued getting everything ready before our guests arrived.

11:55 Lunch: Zucchini and chevre gratin (egg, chevre, creme fraiche, zucchini) served with smoked ham and a mixed green leaf salad with tomato.

After lunch we showered and got ready and then my husband’s family arrived. My family all live to far away to be able to come.

The rest of the day I drank a lot of tea, water and 1/2 glass of Coca Cola.

We had cookies, birthday cake, tapas and pizza. There were 7 grownups and 5 kids.

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2 Responses to Birthday celebration part 1

  1. gmomj says:

    Happy Birthday to you!

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