Received my package from Texas!

Spent most of the last three days in bed. My husband has been working from home and he has been taking care of me and my daughter, getting her to school and home and cooking.

8:45 Breakfast: Two Swedish crispbread. Felt a bit nauseous.

12:20 Lunch: Eggs, bacon and sauerkraut.

Today we received the package that Candace sent us from Texas, we are doing a package trade. So when my daughter came home we unpacked it.
This has really been a fun experience.

17:45 Dinner: Tagliatelle with creme fraiche and bacon strips.

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2 Responses to Received my package from Texas!

  1. Ethel says:

    He a little bit ill, that’s too bad. How are you feeling today? Good to read that your birthday dinner was great. XXX Lehte

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