Vel’s high tea for 1 (for my 40th birthday)

7:00 Woke up after 7 hours of sleep. I was tired, so we were slow this morning. Got my daughter ready for school, but I decided to have breakfast after dropping her off.

8:15 Cycled to school with my daughter, then I went straight to the grocery store to buy some groceries for lunch. When I got back I started a load of laundry and cleaned up in the kitchen.

9:30 Breakfast: Yoghurt, banana, cinnamon and corn flakes.

My husband was working from home today, so he went to school to bring our daughter home for lunch, while I prepared lunch.

12:00 Lunch: Mixed green leaf salad, avocado, orange, Cajun spiced chicken and lightly roasted cashews with an orange dressing (fresh orange juice, creme fraiche and ginger).

12:40 Cycled back to school.
When I got back home a friend of mine called me to ask if she could come by, so while I waited for her to come I did the weekly meal planning and the shopping list for the week.

My friend came by with a birthday present (my birthday party was postponed because I was ill). She made it herself and she was worried that my party might be too late for all the goodies. She calles it “Vel’s high tea for 1”.

15:10 Me and my husband went to pick up my daughter together, but she decided to go to her best friend for a playdate. So we went grocery shopping without her.

My husband picked up our daughter while I was making dinner.

18:10 Dinner: Beef stew (beef, onion, garlic, ginger, red pepper,  pealed tomatoes, beef stock, black olives) topped with crushed almonds, served with bulgur and a salad (mixed green leaf salad, corn, cherry tomatoes, cucumber and celery). My brother-in-law came over for his weekly visit.

After dinner me and my husband had some tea in front of the TV.

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3 Responses to Vel’s high tea for 1 (for my 40th birthday)

  1. Dennis says:

    Dinner was great – its one of my favourites now 🙂

  2. I love that you and your husband work so well in concert with each other… so sweet!

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