Going “home” to Utrecht for a day

6:30 My husband woke me to let me know that Candace had uploaded her vlog.

Me and my husband got my daughter ready for school.

8:20 My husband and daughter walked to school. I walked with them until the bus stop. Took the bus to the train and met up with a friend of mine at the train station. We took the train to Utrecht to look at tiles for the kitchen floor in her new house.

9:00 Breakfast on the train: Ham and cheese sandwiches, a banana and Vitamin water.

In Utrecht we took another bus to the showroom of http://www.designtegels.nl/. It was amazing! My friend picked a really nice tile and then we took the bus back to the center of Utrecht.

When I first moved to the Netherlands I lived in Utrecht for 6 years. It feels like home!

We spent the day shopping and walking to some of the key places of Utrecht. Places that mean a lot to me.

15:30 Late lunch: We had pizza at “Il Pozzo” in the center of Utrecht. I had a pizza mista: salami, mushroom and ham.

On my way home we bought some snacks at Burger King. I got the mozzarella sticks, I shared them with my husband when I got home around nine.

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