Stuffed bell peppers

7:40 Woke up after 7,5 hours of sleep.
Did the weekly meal planning and made a grocery list.

9:00 Snack: A banana and tea.

11:30 Late breakfast: Yoghurt, banana and corn flakes.

Went to the DIY store to make some final decisions for the new bathroom.

13:20 On the way to our daughter’s swimming lesson, my husband talked me into driving through at McDonald’s. I had a New York crispy hamburger.

During the lesson me and my husband had some coffee and tea at the cafe.

After the lesson we went grocery shopping. When we got home my husband and daughter planted some peas, carrots, basil and flowers in the garden while I cooked.

18:15 Dinner: Stuffed bell peppers (lamb mince, onion, tomato puree and bulgur) served with arugula and grapes with a thyme sauce (quark, creme fraiche and thyme).

After dinner we had some tea and watched TV.

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4 Responses to Stuffed bell peppers

  1. Those peppers look great. Lamb and bulgur, great combo.

  2. gmomj says:

    Yum. Can you post the recipe please????

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