Dinner for two in the garden

7:00 Woke up after 6 hours of sleep. Got my daughter ready for school.

7:45 My husband came home after working all night. So he went to sleep for a couple of hours.

8:20 Cycled to school with my daughter, then to the grocery store for some groceries.

9:40 Breakfast: Sunflower seed bun with salami and cherry tomatoes served with pomegranate and raspberry juice.

Had a quiet morning trying not to wake my husband. Did some laundry.

11:35 Cycled to school to bring my daughter home. Today she had the afternoon off, so we were going to go to the beach when my husband woke up.

13:00 Lunch: Pasta with pesto, pear and blue cheese. My husband joined us for lunch.

We were running one errand before going to the beach when my husband got called back to work.

So me and my daughter went to the big playground instead. My daughter played there for two hours and she spent the last 15 minutes climbing the trees. I am so proud over her and I know she is being careful. She calls me if she starts feeling that it’s too risky.

18:00 Dinner: Me and my daughter had some leftover lasagna with red cabbage in the garden. My daughter loves being outside!

When my daughter fell asleep I had some tea and waited for my husband to get home from work.

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