ShayLoss September is over

Goal 1: Run 3 times per week. Watch what I eat and hopefully lose some weight, but the main objective was to get into a routine of running and eating better.

Result: 1,579 active minutes. I ran 3 times a week for 3 of the weeks in September, then I got sick. When I get better I will start running again. I lost 2.4 kg.

Goal 2: Financial goal. This month me and my husband were trying to save enough money to buy tickets to go to Sweden during the fall vacation and for Christmas.

Result: And we did. The tickets are bought and we managed to save 80 euro extra, just by paying attention to how we were spending our money.

Goal 3: Declutter and organize our home. We wanted to spend 15 minutes every night doing this.

Result: We didn’t do it every night but we spent more than 7 hours decluttering our attic. We have donated and thrown away a lot of things. We also found things that we have been looking for. Feels really good and we will continue doing this until we have done every room in the house.

What is ShayLoss September?

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