My name is Sanja.
I’m 45 years old.
I’m a stay at home mother.
My daughter is 9 years old.
I’m born and raised in Sweden.
I moved to the Netherlands 1999.

11 Responses to About

  1. I’m so glad I found your blog! I think it is SO cool that you were born and raised in Sweden – that is my dream place to visit!

  2. Demi says:

    So glad to have found your blog! 🙂 Going to spend some time now reading through it 🙂 Beautiful header! xoxo

  3. Thanks for stopping by. I was immediately attracted to your blog because my name is Tanja – although im posting anonymously on my blog. I’m very new to to this and wasn’t quite sure how it was going to pan out. There aren’t to many Sanja’s here in Australia, so how cool is that?

  4. Namrata says:

    Hi Sanja, Thank you for my visitng my space. I like what you’re doing here, almost maintaining a food diary… so cool. Would love to see what you are eating everyday, so keep the posts coming. 🙂

  5. CATALINA says:

    Hi do you know Omar Fordeh?

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